Meteorologist/Electricity Demand Forecaster — Penn State Meteorology and Atmospheric Science

We are looking for a full-time Meteorologist/Electricity Demand Forecaster to join Wood Mackenzie’s North American Power (NAP) team in Boston, MA. The NAP team’s research spans power market fundamentals and price forecasting to asset valuation and strategy that comprises some of the most highly utilized data, reports, and insights across Wood Mackenzie.


Date posted

Sep. 23, 2022 1:00 pm

Application deadline

Oct. 23, 2022 5:00 pm


Wood Mackenzie


Job description

Wood Mackenzie is the global leader in data, analysis and consulting across the energy, chemicals, metals, mining, power and renewables sectors.

Founded in 1973, our success has always been underpinned by the simple principle of providing trusted research and advice that makes a difference to our customers. Today we have over 2,000 customers ranging from the largest global energy companies and financial institutions to governments as well as smaller market specialists.

Job Description

We are looking for a full-time Meteorologist/Electricity Demand Forecaster to join Wood Mackenzie’s North American Power (NAP) team in Boston, MA. The NAP team’s research spans power market fundamentals and price forecasting to asset valuation and strategy that comprises some of the most highly utilized data, reports, and insights across Wood Mackenzie. Our broad industry knowledge and deep understanding of the North American power market is unparalleled and helps our clients’ position for success during the energy transition.

The Market Analyst will have a strong background in analytics and growing expertise within the power industry.

We are proud to be a part of the Verisk family of companies! 

About you and how you can excel in this role

Wood Mackenzie’s North American Power team is comprised of industry experts that are detail-oriented, intellectually curious, commercially-savvy, and comfortable presenting to clients.

About The Role

The Meteorologist/Electricity Demand Forecaster will serve as the driving force in delivering industry-leading short-term demand and renewable forecasts based on a blend of proprietary and public data.

Meteorologist Core Responsibilities

  • Operate models and support tools daily that include spatial and data visualization applications to identify and solve problems in the power industry-specific to an ISO market;
  • Construct hourly weather forecasts for numerous cities throughout the US for the day-of out to fifteen days.
  • Present the team’s ISO desk, lead, managers, and other decision-makers with research projects/presentations, memos, or reports on market-relevant topics as requested and advise on the effects of various courses of action relevant to specific problems.
  • Improve current processes and efficiency via automation or building new tools for critical tasks (visual basic/Python/R);
  • Identify changes in weather models and associated forecasts that influence power prices and articulate these changes to WoodMac analysts and clients.
  • Modify output from the proprietary neural network electricity demand and renewable forecasting models for various power regions.
  • Contribute to the advancement of proprietary demand modeling algorithms and techniques from an intellectual and technical standpoint.
  • Issue daily weather reports explaining the risk on electricity demand for sub-regions within the US Power Pools


Our Ideal Candidate:

  • Has a Bachelor’s degree in Meteorology or Atmospheric Science.
  • Experience in Operational Meteorology preferred but not required.
  • Understands synoptic and mesoscale meteorology.
  • Interest in electricity markets and renewables a plus.
  • Very strong Excel skills are required. Familiarity with Pivot Tables, VLOOKUP, etc.
  • Knowledge of North American geography required.
  • Must be extremely detail-oriented and be able to work under tight deadlines.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Must be a team player. Open to assist teammates as needed, be transparent and accountable.
  • Be able to handle pressure, make tough calls, and take bold stances and risks when warranted
  • Quick learner and adaptable to process changes.

Additional Information

Verisk Analytics is an equal opportunity employer.

All members of the Verisk Analytics family of companies are equal opportunity employers. We consider all qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, citizenship, sex, gender identity and/or expression, sexual orientation, veteran’s status, age or disability.

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