The Point, Sept. 23, 2022: Another lawsuit filed over DeSantis’ use of state funds for migrant flights

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• Politico: New lawsuit accuses DeSantis of flouting state law by flying migrants. “A legal and political battle over Gov. Ron DeSantis’ contentious operation to fly migrants from Texas to other parts of the country is escalating even further. Jason Pizzo, a Florida Democratic senator from Miami, on Thursday night filed a lawsuit asking a judge to block the Republican governor from spending any more state money on the transports.”

• News Service of Florida: Florida asks the U.S. Supreme Court to green light the state’s social media law. “Florida and major social-media companies could be poised for a showdown at the U.S. Supreme Court. Lawyers for the state Wednesday filed a petition asking the Supreme Court to take up a First Amendment battle about a 2021 Florida law that placed restrictions on industry giants such as Facebook and Twitter.”

• Miami Hearld ($): Will the tropical wave that Florida is watching develop? What the forecast shows. “The tropical wave off the coast of Venezuela that models suggest could blow up into a hurricane in the Caribbean later this week was struggling to form a defined center on Thursday. Radar images showed the beginnings of a swirl, but mostly a disorganized system.”

• WUSF-Tampa: Researchers will study how to best support Florida mangrove and coral reef ecosystems. “A team of researchers led by the University of South Florida is getting $20 million from the National Science Foundation to develop solutions to protect and replenish coral reef and mangrove ecosystems. Coral reefs and mangroves safeguard our coasts by reducing flooding, erosion and wave intensity during storms. They also provide habitat for marine life.”

• WMFE-Orlando: Time to roll up your sleeve for two vaccines this fall. Hint: one’s the flu shot. “Health leaders are recommending people get the flu shot along with their COVID booster to be protected against both.”

• Mainstreet Daily News: GNV commission approves GRU rate increase, budgets. “The Gainesville City Commission voted 4-3 to approve a rate schedule for Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) that will raise the residential rate year over year until 2027.”

• WUFT News: Alachua County schools sets new record with 45 National Merit semifinalists. “Of the district’s 45 semifinalists, 26 are from Buchholz High School, 11 are from Eastside High School and eight are from Gainesville High School. Now, the students have the opportunity to earn finalist status in the program, and they will have to submit teacher recommendations, additional awards and honors earned, applications highlighting academic achievements and an essay.”

• FOX 35 Orlando: TSA reveals ‘dangerous trend’ involving loaded guns in carry-on bags at Florida airports. “With 581 guns having been intercepted at Florida airports in 2022, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is warning passengers in the state of how the ‘dangerous trend’ can result in dire consequences.”

• WJCT-Jacksonville: Jacksonville wants to rein in panhandling, but there could be complications. “…passing ordinances or restrictions on panhandling is difficult. Both Duval and the state of Florida have passed laws barring panhandling before, but the laws have been unenforced or struck down as violations of the First Amendment.”

• WUFT News: Pit bull rescue works to rehome dogs in crowded shelters. “Plenty of Pit Bulls helps reduce overcrowding in Alachua County and other shelters from South Florida to Georgia. It has saved about 800 animals since its founding in 2012, but it cannot rescue pit bulls until it has more fosters, Plenty of Pit Bulls Treasurer Blanca Carbia said.”

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